This was a World War II D Day rehearsal for U.S. forces destined for “Utah” beach when German E-Boats attacked an unarmed convoy of troopships off the southwest coast of England in April 1944. There were many casualties but the author’s research shows the true death toll to be far in excess of the official figure and proves persistent accusations of a cover-up to be true involving mass burials in secret graves, lost ships and soldiers who have vanished from the records.
It must be stressed that this book is not a re-hash of existing erroneous facts, rumors, supposition and hearsay but corroborated, exciting new evidence exposing an international conspiracy. Research sources for this manuscript are all fresh from veteran’s previously untapped memorabilia, personal correspondence, and archive documents which are not now publicly available. 

The question is raised as to whether the Germans were deliberately “tipped off” that the exercise was to take place to enhance the credibility of German agents already “turned” by British Intelligence.

Bodies from the friendly fire incident on the Devonshire beach were buried in fields and later removed for disposal, their deaths being recorded as casualties of the Normandy campaign.

Importantly the startling revelation of a military cover-up and the true casualty number of 749 finally admitted by the American military to be incorrect.
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